• Day 3

SYSTEMIK VIOLENCE burst onto the scene in 2016 with "Fuck As Punk." Picture this foundation mixed with the sonic rawness and darkness of Darkthrone. There might not be much to say about this vile blend of black metal, d-beat, and downright ruthless punk without any scruples, but there's also not much not to like. In the following year, these sonic principles were translated into their debut LP, "Satanarkist Attack." Deported from the depths of Japanese hell with a stopover in Scandinavia (to put it in the LOUD! magazine's oportune words), they followed up their devastating debut LP with the EP "Anarquia-Violência." By 2023, these wretched scoundrels released their second full-length album. According to them, "Negative Mangel Attitude" unloads raw punk-metal pollution, spitting in the face of modern punk and uninspired metal. It's this state of siege that will spread across the stages of SWR.

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