• Day 3

TERROR EMPIRE are a thrash band from the Coimbra area, and they took their first steps in 2009. The release of their debut EP, «Face The Terror», happened three years later. Regulars in stages all over the country, the musicians from Lousã have shaped their approach to the genre, which materialised in the debut full-length, «The Empire Strikes Black», released in 2015. Two years after that, the group was picked up by Mosher Records, who put out «Obscurity Rising» in September 2017. After three years of editorial silence, they resurfaced again in the beginning of the terrible year of 2020 with two singles called «Snake Nest» and «Hunt The Traitor», which saw their sharp social critique intact, as well as the lethal mix of thrash beats and death metal influences, not to mention their characteristic corrosive vocals.

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