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After recording two demos that became legendary in the tape-trading underground, it was with the posthumous release of the album «World Downfall», in 1987, that TERRORIZER finally cemented their position as one of the most influential names in grind. At the time the band no longer existed, but it was with David Vincent on bass that the quartet, whose lineup was complete with Pete Sandoval on drums, Jesse Pintado on guitar and Oscar Garcia on vocals, that the Los Angeles-based musicians recorded one of the most crucial grind LPs of all time. After almost two decades of silence, the death of Pintado and the departure of drummer Sandoval from the legendary Morbid Angel, the group resumed its activities in 2006, having released three full-length albums since then, «Darker Days Ahead» in 2006 , «Hordes Of Zombies» in 2012 and the most recent «Caustic Attack» in 2018. Legend has it that, despite all the line-up changes (Sandoval the only remaining member of the original lineup), they're still a hurricane of rapid riffs and blasts delivered at the speed of light, all delivered with the class that is expected from veterans of such caliber.

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