• Day 2

Not much is known about the identities in their line-up, and well over a decade of existence has produced but two albums and two EPs, but somehow that all feels entirely appropriate for the mysterious Canadian entity known as THANTIFAXATH. As if they’re wavering in an out of our plane of existence, they emit a transmission every now and then, submit us to yet another fresh nightmare, and then poof, they’re gone again for a few years. Fortunately, this time, after the release of the equally cryptic and terrifying «Hive Mind Narcosis» album last year, they have also included a preciously rare European journey in their cosmic travels, and Barroselas is in the schedule. It will be the first time these incorporeal beings will bring their uniquely adventurous and wildly experimental form of black metal to Portugal, and we are already shivering in anticipation.

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