• Day 3

Who would have thought we would be all worked up about a tribute band headlining the festival after 23 years, right? Of course, this is a very special tribute band, put together by none other than Tom G. Warrior himself, one of extreme metal’s most important and iconic pioneers, to pay homage to his first and legendary band, the unforgettable Hellhammer. History will be made when Tom and his cohorts step up on the Barroselas stage to unleash mythical beasts like «Massacra», «Maniac», «Reaper», «Messiah» or so many others, and we could even say that this stage was destined to them – not only has Barroselas developed a tradition of honouring Hellhammer already through several visits of their awesome German tribute-masters Warhammer (R.I.P. Volker – we’ll miss you a lot this year!), but SWR has also been host to one of the very first Triptykon live shows way back in 2010. Now, another piece of destiny shall be fulfilled.

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