• Day 1

It was around the turn of the first decade of this millennium that this band from Braga personified, rather prophetically, what this world and its shitty society deserved to be told. With a self-titled EP, VAI-TE FODER (“FUCK YOU” in Portuguese) were born. The next year saw «Viciados No Degredo», their debut EP, become a classic in the Portuguese underground, having been reissued already in 2022 by Larvae Records. «Poço», despite its production standards being way above the lo-fi stink of the first records, fully confirmed the power and authenticity of their punk crust, which sounds even more demented and chaotic every time they perform live. With a few visits to SWR in their bags already, it’s nevertheless their 2014 show that remains in everyone’s collective memory, an epic romp that culminated with roughly 759 punks, no exaggeration, on top of the stage, a dog crowdsurfing, and a pair of drunken local men from the village, bushy moustaches and all, performing traditional folk dances.

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