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Hailing from Viana do Castelo, Portugal, VOIDWOMB's black/death metal was created to give expression to the ideas of M.S.Void (vocals) and his blood brothers Noctvs (drums) and F.S (bass). The latter invited Lord (guitar) to join them. After a single rehearsal, they felt the need to flesh out the band's sound and Fractal (guitar) joined the circle. Their first creation was the EP "Altars of Cosmic Devotion". With a flow somewhere between serpentine and martial, with their obsidian pulse patient and precise but never sterile, the quintet avoids much of the sloppiness and lack of rigour of today's black/death through an abundance of riffs that hark back to the early 90s, more specifically the classic Morrisound recordings. At the bloody finale of the Wacken Open Air Metal Battle, they will premiere the album "Spiritual Apotheosis" - a work of menacing atmosphere and disturbing dissonances over an impenetrable barrage of blast beats.

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