• Day 3

With a constant upwards trajectory ever since they burst on the scene with their 1996 debut «Raped In Their Own Blood», it seemed like a waste of talent when Vomitory broke up in 2013, at a time when they finally looked like they were getting much deserved recognition for a career where they have always shown to be capable of standing shoulder to shoulder with their better known countrymen in the local death metal "championship". Just listen to records as savage, ultra-heavy and soaking in excrement and guts like «Blood Rapture», «Terrorize Brutalize Sodomize» or the last (for now) «Opus Mortis VIII» and realise that, even coming from a city lesser known for a style such as Stockholm or Gothenburg, Vomitory deserve their place among the pantheon of the best in their genre. The guys themselves must have realised that it didn't make any sense for the band not to exist, so they announced the reunion for 2019, the year when their 30th career anniversary will be celebrated. Obviously, Barroselas had to be a part of this new course.

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