DAY 0 - THURSDAY 25.04.2019

DAY 1 - FRIDAY 26.04.2019
21:30 / MEET & GREET
19:00 / BEER TASTING: Guerreira + Skull Fist

DAY 2 - SATURDAY 27.04.2019
21:30 / MEET & GREET
20:30 / FILM: Heavy Metal PT
19:30 / LOUD! TALK: "Festivals" (Roadburn + Covenant)
16:00 / STEEL HUNT

DAY 3 - SUNDAY 28.04.2019
04:00 / GUESS WHO?
21:30 / MEET & GREET
20:30 / FILM: Death Metal Angola
19:30 / LOUD! TALK: "Radios" (Manuel Melo + Emanuel Ferreira)
16:00 / METAL QUIZ

Over 50 bands spread over three + one days, but even so, SWR Barroselas Metalfest still manages to offer a full side programme full of other activities for everyone to clear their heads a little bit from the hellish noises coming from the three festival stages.

One of those activities will be… yet more hellish noise coming from a stage, of course, but this time, not coming from a band. Prepare yourselves for the SWR DJs! They will be around in the late hours to further prolong each evening of the festival, after the stage #3 bands are done with their performances (and this includes day "zero", right after W:O:A Metal Battle Portugal), each of them with their own inimitable style to light up the Barroselas night sky. On that first night of April 25thDJ Metal Horde will present us with a copious amount of "true" metal, so that the event kicks off in the heaviest way possible. On the 26thDJ Ell Granada will stimulate the dawn with a substantial dose of madness and weird rarities, repeating what happened last summer in Barcelos, always under the fruitful SWR/Milhões de Festa partnership. On the 27th, we will have an international star supplying the noise, none other than DJ Walter Roadburn – that's right, the director of the famous Dutch festival is rocking out with us and showing why Roadburn afterparties have become the stuff of legend by now. Finally, for all the brave souls who are still standing at the end of the evening of the 28thDJ Nightman will appear armed with an arsenal of lowlife music, so that the sending off is done in a glamorous environment worthy of the 80s themselves.

To the more adventurous, we will also have a few challenges that you can take on during the festival: the Steel Hunt is one of them, taking you on a treasure hunt, a treasure which is made of the most precious material you can think of (yes, it's a bag of steels!); the already legendary Brutal Soccer, which will reveal the footballing talents of all participants; or the Metal Quiz, which will test the musical knowledge of all who dare enter the game.

If you prefer a quieter time, nothing like sitting down and enjoying the showings of two documentaries, Death Metal Angola and Heavy Metal Portugal, or one of the always lively discussion panels. One of them will focus on the challenges faced by independent festivals nowadays (with the Netherlands' Roadburn and Canada's Covenant represented by their highest figures), while the other one will discuss the role that radio still represents for the spreading of the underground, with two major radio personalities like Manuel Melo and Emanuel Ferreira ready for a good chat.

If you're the thirsty type, make sure you don't miss the tasting of the Guerreira beer, with Skull Fist hosting the beverage party!

Finally, all the hardcore fans of the main bands of the bill will be given a chance to talk for a little while with their favourite musicians and even get a couple of precious autographs on their records or shirts. Throughout the weekend, there will be several Meet&Greets with some of the main bands of the festival, so be prepared to socialise with the biggest stars of SWR Barroselas Metalfest.


26-28 April 2019 | Barroselas - Portugal | www.swr-fest.com

DAY 0 - THURSDAY 25.04.2019 - Free Entrance - 22:30/02:30
SACRED SIN | Portugal | fb.com/sacredsinpt
ELECTRIC HYDRA | Sweden | fb.com/electrichydra666
DIABOLICAL MENTAL STATE | Portugal | fb.com/diabolicalmentalstate
GROG | Portugal | fb.com/grogpt
ROÄDSCÜM | Portugal | fb.com/roadscum

DAY 1 - FRIDAY 26.04.2019 - 17:00/04:00
GODFLESH | UK | fb.com/jkflesh
THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER | USA | fb.com/theblackdahliamurderofficial
MIDNIGHT | USA | fb.com/Midnight-87909491643
SKULL FIST | Canada | fb.com/skullfisted
VENENUM | Germany | venenum.bandcamp.com
GRIME | Italy | fb.com/Grime666Grime
ANALEPSY | Portugal | fb.com/analepsyofficial
MORTE INCANDESCENTE | Portugal | fb.com/MorteIncandescente
WOSLOM | Brazil | fb.com/woslom
SCÚRU FITCHÁDU | Portugal | fb.com/scurufitchadu
ACID CANNIBALS | Scotland | acidcannibals666.bandcamp.com
TURBOWARRIOR OF STEEL | Belgium | fb.com/TurbowarriorOfSteel
HUMANART | Portugal| fb.com/Humanart
NAKKIGA | Spain | www.metal-archives.com/bands/Nakkiga/13491

DAY 2 - SATURDAY 27.04.2019 - 17:00/04:00
SAINT VITUS | USA | fb.com/saintvitusofficial
BENEDICTION | UK | fb.com/Benedictionband
DEMILICH | Finland | fb.com/demilichband
ASCENSION | Germany | fb.com/Ascension.Germany
BIRDFLESH | Sweden | fb.com/birdfleshgrind
DOPELORD | Poland | fb.com/Dopelord666
NAMEK | Portugal | fb.com/namekgrind
IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT | USA | fb.com/imperialtriumphant
BARSHASKETH | New Zealand | fb.com/Barshasketh
VACIVUS | UK | fb.com/vacivus
SON OF CAIN | Portugal | fb.com/sonofcainlowlife
GREENGO | Portugal | fb.com/Greengosmokesome
GRINDEAD | Portugal | fb.com/grindeadpt
SUMMON | Portugal | fb.com/Summonband
ARCHAIC TOMB | Portugal | fb.com/archaictomb

DAY 3 - SUNDAY 28.04.2019 - 17:00/04:00
CRAFT | Sweden | fb.com/craftblackmetal
VOMITORY | Sweden | fb.com/vomitoryband
ARKHON INFAUSTUS | France | fb.com/ArkhonInfaustus666
NERVOSA | Brazil | fb.com/femalethrash
WORMED | Spain | fb.com/wormed
DEAFKIDS | Brazil | fb.com/deafkidspunx
SERRABULHO | Portugal | fb.com/serrabulhogrind
MARTELO NEGRO | Portugal | fb.com/martelonegro
RAKTA | Brazil | fb.com/raktaraktarakta
AUROCH | Canada | fb.com/Aurochmetal
CROWHURST | USA | fb.com/crowhurstnoise
PURULENT SPERMCANAL | Czech Republic | fb.com/purulentspermcanal
PULMONARY FIBROSIS | France | fb.com/pulmonaryfibrosisofficial
CORPSIA | Brazil | fb.com/corpsiaband
DARSOMBRA | USA | fb.com/darsombra

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